Solutions to common faults of vacuum sealing machine

In the food processing industry, in addition to the wide application of vacuum packaging opportunities, the application of vacuum sealing machines is also very frequent. They often fail during use, and some failures are very common, so how should they be eliminated? Let's understand it from the solutions to its common faults.

1. Vacuum sealing machine sometimes has bubbles in the packaging, which is often caused by the packaging material itself, and its composition is not necessarily a component of the gas in the air. You can put the packaging bag for a while and the bubbles will Disappear without any impact.

2. The tight sealing is also a common failure of the sealing machine. The cause of this failure is often due to the excessive deviation of the position of the packaging bag and the heat sealing strip or the damage of the heat sealing aluminum strip resulting in uneven heating, so it should be timely Adjust the sealing position and check and replace the heat seal.

3. When using the vacuum sealing machine, there will also be a failure of insufficient vacuum, and there are many reasons for this failure. It should be ruled out whether the packaging is damaged. Second, it may also be packaging products such as meat Classes, vegetables, etc. contain too much moisture, which results in vacuum pumping not meeting the requirements. At this time, you can set a long pumping time to solve.

The above is the solution to common faults of vacuum sealing machine, I believe it will be very helpful to you. In addition, the device may often squeak during operation, and the sealing and imprinting patterns are not good. This is often caused by internal mechanical wear and poor lubrication. At this time, you can disassemble and check and add lubricating oil, and replace the worn parts.

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