Reasons for damage of vacuum pump motor of vacuum packaging machine

The high-quality performance of every mechanical equipment requires a certain amount of energy support to achieve it. Therefore, the motor has become a very important accessory product in the mechanical industry. When it is damaged, it will inevitably affect the normal function of its functional equipment. Work, so we must first clarify the reasons and take precautions. So, what is the cause of damage to the vacuum pump motor of the vacuum packaging machine?

1. Running under overload for a long time, when the wrong vacuum pump special oil is used, and lack of maintenance, the vacuum pump oil in the pump will deteriorate. When the exhaust pressure of the pump is too high, the motor will be overloaded. If there is no certain overload protection, the motor will be damaged after a long time.

2. Operation under high ambient temperature and poor ventilation or altitude above 1000 meters. Due to poor heat dissipation, the motor temperature rise is too high, which will damage the motor coil and consume grease in the bearing, causing bearing damage.

3. The voltage may be imported for some pumps. The rated voltage of the motor is different from the voltage of the mainland. Excessively high and low voltages will damage the motor.

4. The wiring error should be connected to the star type. If the triangle type is connected, the coil voltage will increase by 1.7 times, and the winding of the motor will be seriously heated. The motor will burn out quickly, so the motor is never allowed to connect the original star at the same voltage. The method was changed to triangle. When connecting the triangle type and the star type, the voltage of the motor coil is reduced to 1 / 1.7, and the torque of the motor is reduced to 1/3 of the rated value. During full-load operation, the speed will drop sharply and the current will increase. If it is not stopped, the motor will overheat and burn out. Some side-flow vacuum pumps should be connected to a triangle type due to a wiring error. During the test, the load is very small and the pump can run normally, but the pump is blocked after a certain period of time due to pump filter clogging and other reasons. The increased load will cause damage to the motor.

5. Failure to use correct electrical protection devices and high-quality electrical control components. When some users use the vacuum pump, they simply wire the vacuum pump to run directly, and do not install appropriate overload protection, phase loss protection and other devices, resulting in burnout of the motor due to various accidents. There are some customers who need to start and shut down the vacuum pump frequently, or even open and close several times a minute. Once the contactor has a bad contact, it will cause phase loss damage. It is recommended to use a normally open pump and a valve to control the opening and closing of the vacuum line.

The above is the reason why the vacuum pump motor of the vacuum packaging machine is damaged. I believe it will be very helpful to you. In order to avoid such failures, we can properly control the quality of the motor, the quality of the pump oil, the quality of the heat dissipation of the equipment, the size of the voltage, the wiring method, etc., and perform the correct operation to ensure its normal work. effect.

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