Knowledge description of working voltage of vacuum packaging machine

In today's packaging market, vacuum packaging machines that use vacuum technology for packaging work have been very popular with food companies. After packaging with this machine, the product can avoid spoilage and deterioration, which is very conducive to normal Storage and transportation are of great significance. Then, the following editor will describe the working voltage of this type of packaging machine for you.

The civil power used in our mainland is 220V, and the three-phase power is 380V, so the vacuum packaging machine is also designed according to this voltage. In the packaging machine, only the small model 400 uses 220V, and the remaining packaging machines all use 380V. In this way, the voltage of the corresponding vacuum pump also changes accordingly. However, some customers just don't have a 380 power supply, so they have to change it to 220V. But we also need to know that if you want to use 220, you can only use the vacuum pump to 220. But the premise is that only the outer-drawing packaging machine can be modified, but the inner-drawing packaging machine is not.

This is also related to vacuum pumps. There are three types of vacuum pumps we use, inland pumps, joint venture pumps and overseas imported vacuum pumps. Both the joint venture pump and the vacuum pump imported from overseas are powered by 380, especially for some high power, 220 is not available. Only Type 20 vacuum pumps in the Mainland can work with 220V.

If a customer needs to change the power supply to use the vacuum packaging machine, the external pumping type can only change the joint venture 40 pump of the standard machine to the internal real estate 20 pump, of course, the price will be reduced accordingly; the internal pumping vacuum packaging machine cannot be changed .

The above is the knowledge description of the working voltage of the vacuum packaging machine. The vacuum pump is the core of this type of packaging machine equipment. Therefore, we must not ignore the corresponding working parameters of the vacuum pump when replacing the voltage or other parameters of the packaging machine. When the power supply is changed, the equipment must be replaced from the vacuum pump to the electrical components.

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